Descriptive Names

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During the early ages, many Filipinos use pearls for accessories. The Philippines as we all know is really surrounded by different bodies of water because of these, many sea divers dive in seas just to get big and beautiful pearls. The Philippines is also rich in natural resources containing beautiful places because to these, they export different sizes of pearls in the different parts of the country.

With all its grandeur and magnificence, the Pearl of the Orient Seas lays claim to its naturally abundant environment with beautiful beaches and enthralling panoramic sights. In the past few decades the Philippines have been frequented by tourists for countless reasons. The Philippine sunset is one of the most breathtaking views one could ever see. You would love to feel that fleeting bliss when you see the sky tinted with scarlet, the scarcely diffused light of the setting sun as twilight unfolds.


GRANDUER - the quality or condition of being grand magnificent

ENTHRALLING - something you enjoy and give your complete attention and interest

FLEETING - used to describe something which only last for a very short time


Philippines is a beautiful place which is abundant with natural resources especially different kind of pearls. The Philippine sunset is the most beautiful creation that God has given. With these abundance tourist love to come in the Philippines. The Philippines was named the The Pearl of the Orient Seas because of its abundance of pearls which is located in the Philippine Sea

Jean Aeriel Marie A. Manansala
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The Japanese called their country, Nihon, which means "the source of the sun" or "the land of the rising sun", because it is so far east. It is a land of mountains and lakes, of great cities and skyscrapers. And it is one of the wealthiest and most technologically advanced countries of the world.

The Japanese built their national and cultural heritage on a chain of volcanic islands. The transition from a closed society to one that opened to the outside world had a profound effect on Japan. Even today, when Japan is super-modern and technological, it retains a stark conservativeness and guards its unique tradition very closely. Our tour provides a wonderful opportunity to visit this amazing country where the ancient and the innovative are wonderfully interwoven; contemporary and traditional architecture embrace one another; amazing scenery and bustling cities; and polite, welcoming people everywhere.


SKYCRAPERS - a very tall buildings

INTERWOVEN - very closely connected or are combined with each other

BUSTLING - a place with people with very busy or lively activities


Japan is one of the most polite country in the world. The Japanese are so hospitable with tourist. Japan is one of the most advance country. Japan is a place where people will be amazed because of its ancient and heritage living.

Jean Aeriel Marie A. Manansala
Gr. 4 – Courtesy


Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is recognized by the world as the Golden Land. It is one of the earliest homes of mankind, where one can have exclusive experiences of a life-time. You have to find out why. Myanmar, officially Union Of Myanmar, also called Burma, Burmese Myanmar, or Pyidaungzu Myanmar Naingngandaw, is a country lying along the eastern coasts of the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea in southeast Asia.

It is a land of hills and valleys and is rimmed in the north, east and west by mountain ranges forming a giant horseshoe. Enclosed within the mountain barriers are the flat lands of Ayeyarwaddy, Chindwin and Sittaung River valleys where most of the country's agricultural land and population are concentrated. Myanmar is endowed with a rich diversity of habitat types arising largely from its...
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