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Topics: Cattle, Family, Population density Pages: 1 (376 words) Published: October 12, 2010
My Great-Grandparent’s Farm

My Great-Grandparent’s farm is tucked away in the rural village of Mt. Calvary, Wisconsin. Mt. Calvary is a small densely populated village consisting of primarily dairy farmers of German Catholic decent, that lies in the vast rolling green hills of South-East Wisconsin. My Great-Grandparent’s farm has always been a very special place. It is also a place to go to find peace and serenity when life is overwhelming and hectic. My Great-Grandfather hand built the humble, white, two-story farmhouse that sits on the corner of their two hundred acre farm in the late 1930’s. It has a tall-blackened brick chimney that they use to heat the house. There is a grand wrap around porch that is decorated with rocking chairs and assortments of breathtaking flowerpots that my Great-Grandmother puts together. My favorite room in the house is the kitchen that is always filled with the aroma of fresh handmade dinner rolls and homegrown vegetables. Many of the rooms are adorned in old family photos and beautiful hand painted porcelain dolls. Behind the house is a large and weathered red barn accompanied by two tall and tattered grain silos. Inside the barn are my Great-Grandfather’s prized possessions, his animals. Every morning my Great-Grandfather wakes up as the sun rises and tends to his sheep, goats, cows, and chickens. One of the simplest pleasures is to help him feed the baby calves and goats, and collecting fresh laid eggs to be scrambled with cheese for breakfast. The rolling hills and pastures enclosed by an old and dainty wooden picket fence creates a beautiful background for my Great-Grandparent’s house, especially in the early morning as the sun is breaking over the horizon. The pastures are vast, filled with grazing animals and birds sweeping in and out of the fields that make for a serene and picturesque view. The incredibly different feel of the rural atmosphere is filled with so many sites and sounds that are worlds...
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