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2. My aunt and uncle owned a farm and it was one of the best places I can remember being at. “The Farm” as we called it was out in the country and there were cows, horses, and farm dogs. When I was younger we went out there all the time, my cousin and I are very close and we spent a lot of time messing around. My uncle was like a father to me for the first three years of my life, unfortunately he died and they had to sell the farm.

As I remember the farm I see the big barns and the trees behind the house. It was an important place to me because it’s where I have memories of my late uncle. We would go out there and right away go upstairs and either have Nerf gun wars or build Legos or just hang out. Every time I would go out there I would feel at home. The house was huge it was your typical farm house but just with the family touch.

Whenever I think of the farm all I can do is try not to get sad. I miss my uncle every day and it’s hard not having him still in my life. Although I’ll never go back to the farm I will always have the memory in my heart. My uncle may be gone but the memories will always be there. The farm was an important part in my childhood and will always be a part of my life.
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