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Topics: Relaxation technique, Sun, Chateau Lake Louise Pages: 2 (746 words) Published: July 8, 2008
Chateau Lake Louise

There is something very soothing about looking out over Lake Louise. The reflections from the sky are as smooth as glass. The serenity and peacefulness of the area is unmatched by any other. These are the things I experience when at the lake. The fun and love shown by other couples and friends, makes it a very romantic place to me. I can just sit in a quiet room and close my eyes and listen in my mind the calming moving water coming up against the shoreline.

If I was asked to describe my idea of a perfect getaway vacation retreat, it would be everything that the lake has to offer. To walk along the back side of the chateau and look out into the tiffany blue water is breathtaking. Just to feel the wet sand soft and moist between my toes is better than any massage or treatment for the travel-weary soles of my feet. The whistle sound of the wind down in the depth parts of the valley where the lake rest in between two mountains. It is very much places to sit relax and enjoy the mountain top peeks and calming water.

The cool water of the lake provides something everyone can enjoy. Whether it’s for the older folks relaxing in the rooms, looking out their balcony, getting their feet wet enough to enjoy the refreshing temperature, or the young kids playing in the shallows with the small fish nipping at their feet as long as they can stand it. It doesn’t matter if you just need a little quiet time to sit back and listen to the small squirrels and chipmunks playing tag through the lofty treetops. People of today’s age go here for romantic getaways, jet skiing, snowboarding and relaxation. Nothing can match the peacefulness that you receive after relaxing in a tube on the lake or a small boat. Just to discover the protected wilderness that surrounds the lake, is great enough enjoyment to some that like the easy flow going of life and nature itself.

Sometimes just to go hiking up in the mountains and look back down at the lake is just so...
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