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description paper

Strong minded and a driven accountant major who feels she could take on anything in the accountant world except for taxes. lilly was born in the Greater Grand Rapids Area in a town called Jenison. lilly is the youngest of two children she has an older sister name Lisa Crawford. lilly enjoys her family, friends, and her hobbies/activities such as racing on the track, bowling, and casual walks around town. lilly is somewhat of a quite person if no one has picked up on that yet. She is a very cool person once you get to know her. She kinds of remind me of myself I’m very quiet and shy until I get to know the person or the group that im around. lilly loves spending time with her family and going on family trips, one of lilly best memories was going to Colorado and climbing the mountains. She says she hasn’t been on any recent family trips but it’s time for one soon. She also loves having family cookouts on hot summer days and all the activities that comes with. lilly hangs out with her friends when she can, she likes to hit up the bowling alley and going to the beach when she can and when its nice out. I have to see how good she really is when it comes to bowling one day since that’s the number one activity of mines. Since the age of 8 lilly has been racing go-carts and cars in which she has grown a real passion for. She’s currently works for a company called Padnos and loves every minute of it. I asked if there was one thing she would change about the job and she said, “ she would change the advertising for the student crowed so that they could have the opportunity and start a job with a great company.” lilly is very competitive and ambisuse which is a good combination for being a accounting major. Plans for lilly after graduation is to have her own accounting firm and become her own boss.
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