Describing a Treasured Bject

Topics: Carter Beauford, Dave Matthews Band, Hickory Pages: 5 (1819 words) Published: October 4, 2011
Descriptive Essay: Carter’s Drumstick
We live in a society where we are surrounded by advancing technology and material objects, where many feel they are defined by their possessions (“You are what you drive, or wear, or drink, etc.”), where people feel the need to need to gloat and show off. It seems more and more seldom that our society’s inhabitants actually stop to reflect on what is really important to them, and appreciate what objects hold true meaning in their hearts and lives. Looking around, seeing everyone with a phone attached to their ear, or communicating in a virtual reality to thousands of “friends” is unsettling for many who enjoy a simpler lifestyle. Members of society are forming bonds with objects that dissociate their selves from human contact and into the world of cyberspace; continually removing us from the essence of the world’s simplicities. Nathan, however, did not form a bond with objects that “pollute society”, but with a drumstick, small, light, and in its essence a piece of art and beauty. Though he does not even play the drums, a simple drumstick is a treasured object to him. Nathan values the drumstick because of who gave it to him and how this possession found its way to him, making this bond as unbreakable as diamond. To any outside observer, the drumstick is nothing special. It looks like one of an ordinary set of any five-dollar drumsticks; there must be thousands like it. Oh, no, not to Nathan; this drumstick is special. Having seen his first Dave Matthews Band show in 2003, attending the reputable “Central Park Concert” with over 100,000 other fans, it is hard to top one of the most notorious Dave Matthews Band shows, especially seeing a plethora through the years. Nathan always wished he would be close enough to catch one of Dave Matthews’ guitar picks, an extra reed from LeRoi Moore (their late saxophone player), one of Carter Beauford’s drumsticks, or a concert set list. No matter which item one catches, a link is formed between the band and the new owner of a minute piece of memorabilia that has been collected over the band’s 20-year career. That artifact, that one piece of history, carries an immense weight to its owner. Nathan can recall the details of the story of the night he received the drumstick as easily as Homer (and other Raphsodes) recited The Odyssey. July 17th, 2010, was the memorable day; night two of the sold-out Dave Matthews Band shows at Citi Field. The weather was beautiful: a powder blue sky with few cirrocumulus clouds, not too hot, but not too cold; a perfect summer evening. Even though it was Nathan’s 16th Dave Matthews Band concert, it was by far one of the, if not the, most memorable. The night before, Nathan was in the nosebleed seats, but not tonight. Tonight, Nathan was four people back from the stage. This night Dave Matthews Band played an epic set, new and old jams, and even a never-before played song. Upon the conclusion of the first set, heading into the encore break, drummer Carter Beauford walked to the edge of the stage, put his hands out giving thanks to the crowd, and proceeded to toss his drumsticks to the screaming fans. Carter lofted one toward Nathan’s direction. It appeared to be moving in slow motion. Time felt like it was standing still. Nathan’s dream since 2003 was approaching quickly as a train pulls into a station. If this were a movie, the soundtrack would be playing Carl Orff’s “Carmina Burana.” As the other fans around Nathan realized the drumstick was heading their way, it was too late; a small circle pit formed around Nathan as he leaped up effortlessly and felt the drumstick land between his fingers. He quickly tightened his grasp around his newly acquired prized possession, as if it were a matter of life and death. He clutched it the way a Mets fan would grab onto a homerun ball hit by David Wright in Citi Field. Fans around Nathan knew not to try and tussle with Nathan for the...
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