Rethorical Anaylisis Leonard Pitts

Topics: Audience, Question, Leonard Pitts Pages: 3 (1277 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Kristopher Harris
Ms Marquez
Rhetorical Analysis
Leonard Pitts

Leonard Pitts at it again in his article” Manti Te’o story offers lessons: Better connected who have one online, farther apart” In this article Pitts asserts that although the increase in technology is a good thing it increasingly puts a void in the physical communications we have with one another, a more prevalent case being the Manti Te’o incident. Pitts supports his argument by using explanatory diction to explain his definition of relationship, by using historical syntax to prove the point that America is now in the screen decade and by using Pathos to pull sympathy from the audience by introducing catfish which is a television show that proves that Manti is not the only one to go through such a hoax. Pitt’s purpose is to remind people that the noticeable increase in the use of technology can in so many ways be helpful but it can also be hurtful in ways also. Pitts puts on display the changes people go through and guides the people reading the article to question their unreal reality with life and also how the ability to just communicate on a screen maybe great but to never forget the physical part of just being able to hold your love ones hand. It is apparent that over the years we have developed in the field of technology and that we still are ever rapidly changing every day. But in this article Pitts is not just saying that technology is changing but Pitts is trying to make the audience understand that technology is not the only one’s changing but the people are because of it also. Pitts is trying to grasp how through technology how can we have mutual loving relationships with someone you have never had interaction with in the real world not virtual physically. Pitts has a completely different definition of a relationship than those who have one online, as described in the article. Pitts explanation for the relationships online apart of the communication revolution. Pitts still does not...
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