Describe to Two Problem-Solving Techniques That You Would, or Have, Incorporated in Your Programming?

Topics: Java, Association for Computing Machinery, Applet Pages: 2 (603 words) Published: November 9, 2005
One of the techniques one has implemented is the input-processing-output technique; this technique has facilitated students to solve small programming problems assignments. This technique; identifies the steps involved in each process to be performed and the inputs to and outputs from each step. However, this technique lacks the proper procedures to identify the root or roots of the problem. Therefore, this technique leaves the student without the understanding of what the problem is and what is really causing it [3].

In the real world computer or programming analysts are confronted with more complicated problems. Therefore, in order for them to understand or identify the problem they have to rely on certain information gathering techniques to obtain the necessary knowledge. In order for the system analyst to identify the problem he or she must check documentation. However, the amount of information that an analyst can gather is limited, because documents offer very few relevant information to analyze the problem(s) [2]. Also, the system analyst arranged face-to-face interviews with every user [1]. The system analyst asks all users to describe step by step the process they go trough to perform a task. This is conducted to determine what processes are redundant, time-consuming or defective [1]. The system analysts opt to implement a more direct approach to the investigation by observing users performing a task. Therefore the best technique to analyze a system directly is by observation. However, there are some limitations due to the fact that users who are being observed tend to act and pretend [2].

Consequently, the best problem-solving technique a programmer or a programming student can utilize is the fact-based technique. This high-level technique concentrates on the identification and description of the problem rather than trying to find a solution to the problem [3]. This technique relies on searching for the values, terms, algorithms, examples to...
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