Describe the Process of Protein Synthesis in Your Own Words, Including the Roles of Mrna and Trna. You Must Include Diagrams to Aid in Your Explanations

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Provides evidence for Unit 18 D1 Distinction.
Describe the process of protein synthesis in your own words, including the roles of mRNA and tRNA. You MUST include diagrams to aid in your explanations

Messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA), which is like DNA has a unique code that is in a number of different patterns, which engages in the sending messages to the structures within the cell. Transfer Ribonucleic Acid (tRNA) is a nucleic acid, which is involved in the process of protein synthesis inside the cell. When mRNA is in the cytoplasm of the cell the ribosome in the cell attaches itself to the mRNA. Genes are sections of DNA; each gene has a different code, which creates a certain protein. The sequence of the bases in the genes controls which amino acids are created and then these amino acids are joined to make a new protein.

Each gene in a cell acts as a code, which can also be a set of instructions for making a particular protein. Some of these proteins that are created control the cells internal chemistry. The proteins inside the cell control what the cell is doing and then this leads to how the body functions. The bases needed to make a gene code is A, T, G and C but they are not joined in pairs but they are joined together in groups of 3. The proteins in the gene are made up from a vast amount of amino acid molecules. The triplet of the bases of the gene is made up for one particular amino acid. Then the amino acids, which are created, are in an order, which is dictated by the number, and the order of the base. The last stage is that the amino acid molecule joins together and makes a long chain. This long chain then creates a long protein molecule. The sequence and the number of the amino acids is what have an effect on which protein is created.

The diagram above shows how a protein is made inside the gene. There are three codes in the bases and then this work together with the amino acids, which then creates the protein. Every protein has it’s own...
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