Describe the Expected Pattern of Children and Young People's Development from Birth to 19

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  • Published : October 25, 2012
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Physical/Motor development.Communication development.Intellectual development.Social, emotional and behavioural development. 0-3 MonthsFrom birth a baby’s physical and motor development will improve faster than any other age. They will have many different movements but this will be very limited, these include grasping (wrapping fingers around things they touch) Rooting (Will help them find milk threw the nipple by moving head and using touch) and if held with their feet firmly to the floor they will mimic stepping movements. As they age they will become more confident with these movements and look more relaxed and even move their head more when they see movement and light.

3-6 Months.

6-12 Months.

12 Months – 3 Years.Children from 12 Months to 3 years are learning the basic motor skills (walking) as they can already crawl and roll. Some children learn to walk at an early stage but some find this difficult and progress later.

3-7 Years.Children between these ages are more confident with movement and have developed a higher motor and physical skill within the activities, that take place in a school ( Writing, Cutting, Drawing) and home environment (Running, Playing sports- Kicking, Throwing)

7-14 Years.Children/ Teenagers in these years are developing and refining all aspects of their motor and physical skills. These normally are shown in crafts, sport or preforming arts, which some children will turn into a hobby, to practice and perfect their fine movements. For girls, this is where puberty can start from the ages of 10 or 11. Boys start later; this will induce another rapid growth. in physical and motor skills 14-19 Years.Usually at this age, boys will have entered puberty and will overtake girls in growth. This is also where a teenager has perfected their motor skills and is developing their crafts/ Sports with hobbies and clubs.
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