Describe Both the Positive and Negative Impacts of Globalization to Singapore

Topics: Laborer, Unemployment, Globalization Pages: 3 (721 words) Published: April 16, 2012
Describe both the positive and negative impacts of globalization to Singapore

There are many definitions for globalization. With the rapid development of technical inventions and increasing economic bonding, most tend to regard ’’globalization’’ as a non-border platform, where the exchange of goods, resources, and information in all aspects take places vigorously in the present world. Apart from those materials, the movement of people also becomes frequent when the connection to every corner in the globe has been built up via advanced technology. In general, globalization not only breaks the obstacles of communication but also provides more profitable markets, which indicate a path to affluence. Without any doubt, every country tries to formulate and implement the suitable policies in order to utilize the advantages offered from globalization. Singapore is no exception. However, this unstoppable phenomenon can also be considered a double-edged sword. It could either improve or deteriorate the basic social issues.

In terms of the education in Singapore, globalization indeed equips the students with strong competitiveness and international view. Since English become the language mainly used around the world, the government has started promoting English-learning environment in order to structure the track linking to the international stage. And it is proved afterwards that this strategy has successfully brought out the positive impact of globalization in Singapore. The evidence is that more and more famous universities from the West are drawn to establish branch campuses in Singapore. For instance, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore was founded in 2000 and Imperical College London-Nanyang Technological University was set up later on in 2010. These two premium schools provide opportunity and professional instruction in medical area. College of Medicine in NUS is no longer the only option for those who are keen to be a doctor. The students in Singapore...
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