Descol Export Plan

Topics: Buenos Aires, Argentina, Buenos Aires Province Pages: 81 (22534 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Table of Contents
List of Pictures, Tables and figures 3
1. Executive Summary 4
2. Company Description 5
3.1 History 5
3.2 Management 6
3.3 Export Team 9
3.4 Financial Overview10
3.5 Goals and Objectives11
3. Product and Service Description13
4.6 Domestic and International Product and Services13 4.7 Growth Potential14
4. New Foreign Market Place Analysis15
5.8 Rationale for Exporting15
5.9 Rationale for Selected Foreign Market15
5.10 Country Profile16
5.11 Cultural Profile19
5.12 Industry Profile21
5. Market Entry Strategies22
6.13 Strategic Alliances23
6.14 Target Customer Profile23
6.15 New Foreign Market Product or Service Description(s)29 6.16 Pricing Strategies30
6.17 Sales and Promotion Strategies32
6.18 Logistics and Transportation34
6. International Law35
7.19 Dispute Resolution Considerations for Sales Contract35 7.20 Language Consideration36
7.21 Contract Terms and Conditions36
7.22 Product Liability Considerations38
7.23 Intellectual Property Protection39
7.24 Sales Agent Agreement39
7. Financial Analysis40
8.25 Capital Expenditure41
8.26 Sales Forecast41
8.27 Cost of Goods Sold43
8.28 Projected Income Statement44
8.29 Projected Cash Flow Statement44
8.30 Breakdown Analysis46
8.31 Financing Requirements47
8.32 Financing Sources47
8. Risk Management48
9.33 Country Risk48
9.34 Commercial Risk48
9.35 Currency Risk49
9.36 Internal Risk49
9.37 Market Risk49
9. Research Methods and Theoretical Basis49
10. Conclusion53
11. References54
12. Appendices57

List of Pictures, Tables and figures
Scheme 1 Employees 8
Table 1 SW analysis12
Table 2 Procedures, Time and Costs in 201318
Table 3 Competitors22
Diagram 1 Public schools and Universities in Argentina24
Map 1 Universities and secondary schools25
Diagram 2 Private schools and Universities in Argentina25 Map 2 Sports halls, Stadiums and Gyms in Argentina26
Map 3 Gyms, Sports facilities and Universities in Buenos Aires30 Table 4 Capital Expenditure42
Table 5 Sales Forecast42
Table 6 Sales Forecast Universities43
Table 7 Sales Forecast Secondary Schools44
Table 8 Sales Forecast Sport Facilities and gyms 44
Table 9 Sales Forecast Indoor Stadiums44
Table 10 Sales Forecast All Units44
Table 11 Cost of Goods Sold Year 145
Table 12 Cost of Goods Sold Universities45
Table 13 Cost of Goods Sold Secondary Schools45
Table 14 Cost of Goods Sold Sport Facilities and Gyms45
Table 15 Cost of Goods Sold Indoor stadiums46
Table 16 Cost of Goods Sold All Units46
Table 17 Projected Income Statement46
Table 18 Projected Cash Flow Statement47
Table 19 Worst Case Scenario47
Table 20 Expected Case Scenario48
Table 21 Best Case Scenario48
Table 22 Gross Profit Ratio48
Picture 1 Economic and Politic Risk49
Table 23 Research Methods53

1. Executive Summary
The project group prepared an export plan for Descol - a worldwide known company, which is located in Deventer since 1965, in order to make a plan to export sports flooring systems to Argentina. In this export plan you will read about various aspects, which we have investigated in order to compose this export plan. We have given a description of Descol, covering its history, the...
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