Depression Treatments

Topics: Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, Antidepressant, Tricyclic antidepressant Pages: 4 (1061 words) Published: November 24, 2012
College Writing II
13 September 2012
Depression Treatments
Depression is a mental illness affecting millions of people, not just in the United States, but also the world. According to Marcia Clemmitt, it’s “loosely defined as a mental and emotional disorder with symptoms of constant sadness, lethargy, irritability and a loss of interest and pleasure” (575). Depression can be linked to stressful life events, such as family issues, sexual assault, or losing a loved one. Liubov Kavaliauskienė, Virginija Adomaitienė, and Rimantas Pečiūra add that depression“disrupts the working capacity of the ill person for a long time, complicates the lives of his/her family members and requires additional money for social care services” (92). If left untreated, depression may lead to irrational violence, drug and alcohol abuse, and suicide. Depression treatment options have become widely available over time, ranging from medicine to Web-based therapy. However, issues with treatment costs have erupted since many depression patients relapse (Kavaliauskienė 92). Situations like these make determining the best way to treat depression unclear. The CQ Researcher article “Treating Depression” was written by Marcia Clemmitt and published on June 26, 2009 as Volume 19, Issue 24. Clemmitt, a former high school teacher, has worked for “The Scientist” and “Medicine & Health”. She has earned degrees from St. John's College, Annapolis, and Georgetown University. She currently writes social policy articles on CQ Researcher, such as “Public Works Projects” and “Preventing Cancer”. The second article, titled “Medication Rationality in treating depression”, was found using Academic Search Complete. The study was published by Acta Medica Lituanica as Volume 18, No.2 in 2011, and written by Liubov Kavaliauskienė, Rimantas Pečiūra, and Virginija Adomaitienė. All three work for the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, but they’re part of different departments. Pečiūra...
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