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“Neighborhood Deployment - Conceptual Issues”

At least once a month there is some question about, “how many police officers are needed.” The number of officers that are needed depends upon the level of police service desired. Many communities hope for four hours per shift of proactive patrol while some would allow two. There are many communities that requires many things from the police department such as extensive traffic law enforcement, high patrol visibility in residential areas, and some people will be satisfied with an officer driving through the neighborhood once every two weeks. It is not mandatory for a patrol unit to always be available in a jurisdiction for an emergency. But, most jurisdictions want there to be one unit free at all times.

A crucial factor is community demand for neighborhood deployment. Neighborhood deployment means that “the direction of patrol resources needs to be responsive to the particular requirements and demands of a subdivision in a jurisdiction. At often times, jurisdictional subdivision is classified as a neighborhood. Jurisdictional subdivisions are not neighborhoods because it can be also classified as business districts or even retail commercial areas. Additionally, “community policing” is not commonly used to describe neighborhood deployment.

The focus of the community police is upon issues of community responsiveness. The philosophy of community policing is that police agencies establish numerous linkages to communities. The issues of race and gender representatives of police departments are not receiving enough attention. The police agencies shortcomings emerging during the 1960s led to the community policing movement. The police agencies were predominantly white males. The primary strain between the police and the minority neighborhoods are lack of racial and gender. According to the Bureau of Justice statistics, there has been some progress in the communities.

In addition, there has been an increase...
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