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Topics: Indira Gandhi, Female billionaires, Prime minister Pages: 2 (536 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Houston Community College Southwest
English 0349
Department Of Guided Studies
Instructor: Martha Fields

Composition 3
Independent Women
Truong Nguyen
Spring 2012

Independent Women
For centuries, traditional role that the man had the highest status in social life. The men had absolute authority in the house. He had the final decision in all matters. On other hand, women had opposite position. But it is changing in nowadays, women are usually more independent than men. There are some reasons why I choose this side: women like to share much than men, successful or brave women are still growing up. First of all, women like to share about themselves much than men. For example: when a woman and a man return home to work: She tells everything that happened during the day: what she did, whom she met, what she said, what that made her drink. Then she turns to him and asks, ”How was your day?” He just says, “Same old.” She feels locked out: “You don’t tell me anything.” He protests, “Nothing happened at work”. From a women’s perspective, you ask for help and you can get it. Furthermore, you can share with her problems. On other hand, men are aware that by admitting ignorance and asking for information. So it makes sense for him to preserve his independence and self-esteem. ( Deborah Tannen, 1990)

Secondly, nowadays a lot a lot successful or brave women are still growing up in the world. They make the women so proud about them. Even though the men really admire them about what they did. For example: Liliane Bettencourt: She has $24 billions, Europe's richest woman who suffers from dementia, had her fortune placed under the guardianship of her daughter Françoise Bettencourt-Meyers in 2011 following a very public 3-year legal battle. She was forced to resign from L'Oréal's board in February; her 25-year-old grandson Jean- Victor Meyers took her seat. This is the latest in a long line of court cases pitting the Bettencourts against each...
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