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The Hari ohm paper mills Gangadhra was started in the year 1974.

This company base is depending on the farmers. At the time farmer made rice and remained raw material of rice was burned by them. Some farmer think about that raw material and take a decision for use of that raw material and to make a paper and form this think they put based of company, four years were passed in construction.

As company was progressing well and becoming well known through their products among people in 1990 gold medal, company achieves productivity awards India. Delhi or best quality paper and marketing form Sunil Dutt.

In 1992 diamond and silver medal for best management and the best productivity from commissor of industries, Delhi.


1. What business the Company is in?

The business of the company is produce by M.G. Kraft paper.

Company makes paper in natural, yellow, pink colors per user requirements.

2. Location of the Company

Hari ohm paper mills pvt ltd is located on Bardoli –Kadora highway

Near dastan fatak

At post: - gangadhra – 394 310
Dist:-Surat (Gujarat)

3. Owner – promoter details

Hari ohm paper mill is pvt ltd firm it has 43 shares. These shares distribute to local farmers. Companies have four directors and chairman and M.D.

• Ramanbhai H.Patel :- Chairman
• Kishorbhai D.Patel :- M.D
• Pankajbhai K.Patel :- Director
• Rajabhai K.Patel :- Director
• Pradipbhai G.Patel :- Director
• Bhinkubhai N.Patel :- Director
• Amritbhai J.Pandya :- Director

Turn over
4. Objectives, mission, core values of the company

1. We want maximum production of M.G. Kraft paper. 2. We give maximum dividend to shares holders.

Core values of the company:-
The company value is 9 cross

Mission of the company will increase by the machine capacity.

And second mission of the company will increase by the sales volume

5. Functional areas, number of plants/units

Number of plants /Units:-
There are three plants /Units of the company as follow.

A. Boiler section
B. Pulp section
C. Machine section
(a) Vice
(b) Dry
(c) Pressing
The company of turnover is 10 Lakes


1. Number of product
2. Sales volume
3. Raw materials
4. Product lines
5. Growth profile
6. Major customer etc.

1. Number of product
Company produce by the only one product is paper.

Company makes paper in natural, yellow, pink colors as per user requirement.

2. Sales volume

The Sales Volume of paper Depend upon the customer order.

Generally 12000 per metric tons (year)

In last month company was 1100 metric tons.

3. Raw materials

Wastage paper
Old paper cartoon
Alum colors: - for the yellow, pink.

4. Product lines:-

12 B.F Kraft Paper
14 B.F Kraft paper
16 B.F Kraft paper
18 B.F Kraft paper

5. Growth profile:-

The company was started in the year 1974. Four years were passed in construction....
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