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Art is portrayed in so many different views. When looking at each piece of art and its cultural background I was interested to see more. I enjoyed each piece of art and the inspiration behind it was even more eye opening to me. There is a historical perspective behind each piece of art and we as people have not taken the time to see how art was started. I have never looked at art in such a serious way until now, being able to see such a wide variety of art and how each piece was created was very skillful in an artistic mind. I have been in an art class before but it was an online class which I was never to found of. Coming into this art class I did not know what to really expect and if anything would really catch my attention, but I can definitely say now that art is not just art it is much more than that and has a powerful meaning all which not only has my teacher shown me but my fellow peers as well. When first entering the art museum I can say I entered a completely different world. Art is said to be work that is made of skill and imagination and that is what I got as I explored the entire museum. I got the chance to explore each cultural theme from an art perspective some very similar but with different meanings. This made me eager to know who the face was behind it all, what was used to create their masterpiece, and what inspired a unique vision. As I continued to explore I was unsure of what two art pieces I really wanted to focus on because there were just so many to choose from. But I eventually came across two pieces of art that where different cultural and material wise. They were both different and there was one that I completely fell in love with. Both had meaning and you could tell just by looking at them. During my power point I will compare and contrast the two art pieces that I have chosen during my visit to The Denver Art Museum. I will also be telling you about the artists, and the history behind each art piece. I will also go in to detail on what materials where used to create each piece of art.

Mud Woman Rolls On; By Roxanne Swentzell
Roxanne Swentzell is a Sculptor from Santa Clara Pueblo. She was raised in a childhood of art and inspiration because it’s something that she watched her mother do as well as her family members. Her mother had quit an artistic background not only did she do pottery but she was a writer as well and a scholar from Santa Clara Pueblo which indeed Swentzell followed in her footsteps. Swentzell also got an inspiration from her blind uncle Michael Naranjo also a sculptor. It was hard for Swentzell to express herself verbally growing up so art became sort of an out let for her emotions. In High school Swentzell also attended the institute of American Indian arts for two years. She also went to Portland Museum Art school after graduating and as you can see she was destined to be a talented artist. You can see how passionate she is within her art she wants to tell a story that expresses her feelings and captures that image that not only she can relate to but something others can relate to as well and actually understand. Swentzell really wanted her art work to connect with reality itself. She owns the art pieces she creates and adds her own signature with a great detail of expression from her own experiences and her observations of life. She says “I learned to listen to myself and not be so influenced by what other people wanted me to make. I am going to present the world through eyes – and not as somebody told me I was suppose to.” With Roxanne’s Mud Woman Rolls On art piece she wanted not only to express her story but tell you her story, and that’s what her art piece is known for it’s her storyteller piece which was something new I learned while reading about her inspiration. Her Title says it all Mud Woman Rolls On It’s clear that Swentzell used different types of mud as well as clay to create such an interesting piece of art. Her work represents a large woman figure...
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