High Museum Project

Topics: Art, Louvre, Yellow Pages: 2 (643 words) Published: November 26, 2012
I chose to do my review project in “The High Museum”, in Atlanta GA. It was found in 1905 and its very first name was Atlanta Art Association. Also it is the one of the most visited art museum in the world. While, visiting High museum, I was drawn to two particular pieces from two very different artists. The Chest and drawers by Teyo Remy, gained my attention because of creative design and deep meaning. My other favorite piece is “The beginning of Life in the Yellow Jungle”, by Thorton Dial. I will be comparing two artist from Modern and Contemporary Art period. Teyo Remy was part of a group of young Dutch designers who came to the forefront of the international design scene with works that had a political awareness and also sense of humor. Chest and drawers piece was design in 1991, which was based on twenty drawers which each of those had a story with them. Very first drawer represents a jewelry box that was a gift to the young woman from the father. The entire piece is held together by a furniture mowers strap that represents nature of life. Basically a strap would be a reference of us humans holding on the important things in life that matter to us. The reason I like this is because it connects to me with memories of my past and experiences I went through. To me, each drawer represents a memory in my life that has thought me to make better decisions in the future. I also like this design of art because it is amazes me how Teyo Remy managed to make a design that held twenty drawers together and none of them fell off. The color selections of the drawers are matte and plain colored that you see in your everyday life. This was a good selection because it made the piece more relatable. “You Can’t Lay Down Your Memory”, is a perfect title for this design as it shows the importance of past. Thorton Dial was born in 1928, Emelle, Alabama. He endured a life of poverty and hard labor. This self-taught artist has made astonishing master pieces that represent...
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