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  • Published : February 8, 2013
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Your teeth are used to break down food and they’re the strongest part of the of your body thanks to a substance called enamel that acts like a bodyguard in the tooth. The reddish or pinkish part that surround your teeth are called the gums, yes like the gum you chew sometimes. Every little friend like you gets two sets of teeth in their life. The baby set(20 teeth) and the adult set(32 teeth). Your baby tooth comes off so the big tooth comes out and shines like a star. If you want to keep your teeth shiny like a star you have to brush your teeth after every yummy meal. And floss at least once a day! I know is hard but at least try to do it during the week! Remember is all for your healthy teeth. The Dentist.

Hey kids! I know you guys are probably afraid of the dentist. But there’s no reason to! Because all he does is make your smile bigger and brighter! But you have to help him a little. Want to know how? Just try the hardest to not eat MUCH candy. Can you believe that some types of drinks can affect your gums? Me neither! But they do! So try your best to drink healthy drinks What do you think it’ll happen when you go to the dentist? Hooray! Its time for the dentist. Let me tell you what you can expect when you go. First, we’ll go to the front desk and tell them we’re there then we’ll sit in a very comfy chair and watch Disney movies while the dentist comes. There may be other kids and you can play with them. Then the dentist assistant will come and pick your favorite brush and your favorite flavor of toothpaste. She will clean you teeth with the spinning brush and they’ll be shinning like a star! After that you’re all done and you can do it again in six months! Not so bad uh? What foods are bad for your teeth?

* Soda
* Caramel
* Bread
* Potato chips
* Citrus fruits like lemon and orange juice
What food is good for you?
* Cheese
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