Deng Yaping

Topics: Deng Yaping, People's Republic of China, Master's degree Pages: 7 (138 words) Published: December 14, 2014
Deng Yaping
The famous person I
admire most is Deng
Yaping, who is the one
of the best athletes in
my country.

Table tennis palyer
born February 5, 1973 in
Henan province, China

Deng Yaping is a very independent
and aggressive person.
She liked playing
Ping-Pong and
she worked very

The first Championship
• She teamed with
Qiao Hong to win
her first world
championship title
in the women’s
competition in

• Deng Yaping won
er first singles
champoinship at
the 1992 olympics
in Barcelona

Retire and Family
• She retired at the age
of 24. She married
Lin Zhigang,also a
table tennis player,
later gave birth to a
baby boy.

• She gained a
bachelor's degree
from Tsinghua
University, a master's
degree from the
University of

New work and life

• People search network
AG General Manager.

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