Topics: China, Hong Xiuquan, Jesus Pages: 2 (420 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Reed Jacobs

Starting in 1851 the uprising of the Taipings began. The taipings established a “heavenly kingdom of great peace” under Christ returning in the shape of his younger Chinese brother, Hong Xiuquan.

Hong Xiuquan attempted to pass the test to become a Sonfucian scholar, which 95% of people who took the test failed, as Hong did. A brutal illness came upon Hong that would last for a long time. He received a pamphlet from the Protestant Christian missionary. He claimed that in this pamphlet it somehow made him realize that he was the younger brother of Jesus Christ. This was done with a deceiving mindset, which allowed Hong to gain immense power. At this time there were many people who were frustrated with the Chinese government. When Hong Xiuquan presented the people of China with a belief that opposed the government, they were more than happy to begin following this seemingly holy leader. The people can relate perfectly with the second condition on Brinton’s list, which says that the people feel unacceptably restricted by their government. The government’s goals seem corrupted; also it was a time where religious beliefs were constantly being argued. Number four on his list also applied as the government was very upfront and as many interpreted it, unfair. Somehow at that point people didn’t grow great hatred for the government, but rather other classes that seemed to have less issues and more benefits than their own. This problem was truly produced by the government, but until Hong Xiuquan came along nobody saw the truth. This leads into the next corresponding conflict between government and people, number seven on the list says that the government doesn’t respond to the needs of the people. This occurred because of the lack of realization of the people. As they simply had outrageous jealousy and hatred for other classes, they didn’t realize that the government was the cause to the entire difference between classes. Both eight and nine on...
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