Topics: Hatred, Hate crime, Hate Pages: 4 (1153 words) Published: January 29, 2013
* Outline for “Dear Dementia, I Hate You”

Small part of the article “quote”
“I hate dementia. I loathe it. I detest it. It is a monster that is slowly, bit by bit, mercilessly devouring the personality and mentality of my father”.

Introducing the bias article to the audience
Explaining what is dementia (briefly)
How the person relates to this sickness
Showing the point of view
Explaining how the article is bias and to what side
Dementia is a distressing disease caused by the dreadful memory loss, where a person forgets his surrounding and past experiences. This disease have been considered as a life struggle in many people’s eyes, but some accept it, and believe that memories are better to be forgotten than reminded, especially bad ones.

Randy, a father of two children, and a son of a father that have been diagnosed by the killer disease of dementia, wrote an article “Dear Dementia, I Hate You” to express his feelings and emotions. The author have overpowered with the side against the heart breaking memory loss, showing hatred, and range against it, refusing to feel any other way, or accepting his father’s destiny. Throughout the article, randy have used persuasive adjectives, and religious manners all at once, spreading to the people his word about how affect dementia is and could be, and the same time, showing the people the innocence of his father comparing. Randy used his infuriating tone to get the people to feel how serious he is, but simultaneously he used sympathy to show hoe injurious this disease could be.

What the author is trying to say
Shows distress and hatred through his attitude (conflicting) Examples of words used
How randy, the author influences audience with his angry tone *
Randy have used a negative attitude towards the disease, he shows distress and hatred through his tone, conflicting himself to the situation, refusing to think differently. To start with, the title “Dear Dementia, I Hate You” says it...
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