Unit 52 Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Dementia Care Practice

Topics: Family, Son, Daughter Pages: 1 (376 words) Published: September 30, 2012

Understand that each individual’s experience of dementia is uniqueExplain why it is important to recognize and respect an individual’s heritage| LO 11.1| Sofia is an 87-year-old Greek woman who migrated to Australia with her husband in 1951. Her husband passed away 10 years ago and she has four adult children. Sofia’s health has deteriorated gradually over the past 10 years and she is finding it increasingly difficult to care for herself at home. One daughter, Maria, lives nearby and has been the main person involved in Sofia’s care. Another daughter and one son also live in Sydney and see their mother when they can, and another son lives in Melbourne.Over the past six months, Sofia has become quite unwell. She has become forgetful and withdrawn in her behaviour and conversation. Maria now feels compelled to drop by every day, as Sofia has stopped cooking for herself and recently became lost when returning from the local shop. Maria has taken Sofia to her GP, who is very busy and has placed Sofia on a number of medications but not really explained these to Sofia or her daughter.Maria is quite concerned about her mother’s condition and the fact that she will need increasing levels of care. She attempts to talk to other members of the family but they insist that she is not that bad and just getting on a bit. The son from Melbourne comes for a brief visit and Sofia perks up when she sees him. He cannot see what all the fuss is about and is quite resistant to Maria’s suggestion that they ask for help from the local Aged Care Assessment Team. He insists that mum has always led a healthy life and would not get dementia – and besides: ‘We Greeks look after each other and don’t need to involve outsiders’.In spite of some resistance from other family members, Maria makes contact with the local Dementia Advisory Service to talk to someone about the situation with her mother. She makes an appointment for you –...
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