Delivering Bread at the Helton Baking Company

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This article will analyze the effectiveness of Helton Baking Company’s employee training program by looking at how it follows the steps in the instructional process and how it falls short. It will also look at how Helton’s program could be more effective.

Helton Baking Company was originally founded by three brothers over 50 years ago; the company has diversified and grown to product over 1000 different food products, employing more than 10 000 people.

Bread delivery is a key job at Helton, which includes delivering bread and taking new orders. They have implemented an employee training program for new bread delivery staff which lasts for one week. Helton’s Employees Training Procedures are as follows:

New trainees shadow the district manager as an observer on what will become his or her route. The trainee is expected to observe and remember the tasks that the district manager performs along the route. The trainees main responsibility is to observe and help the manager complete the necessary tasks.

During the time between stops, the trainee has the opportunity to ask questions. The district manager will also question the trainee on details that they are expected to remember such as the order of stops and paperwork. The district manager will bring up different situations that could arise and how to deal with them correctly.

The second week trainees are on their own and is told to phone the district manager if they have any questions on their route.

The instructional process is made up of five steps:

1)Decide what to teach.
Helton must decide what skills and knowledge it wants to impart on its employees. Helton might want to consider putting together a company manual with company policy and procedures to give each new trainee so they have something they can refer to if needed at a later date. As...
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