Defining the American Revolution

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Defining the Revolution

When looking back in American history the Revolution is arguably one of the greatest turning points from its past. The American Revolution emancipated the New England colonies from Britain and led them on a path to become the powerful nation they currently are. This Revolution is incredibly significant and changed more than one would imagine in the United States. Prior to the American Revolution Britain controlled the trade throughout the colonies and only allowed them to trade with Britain. This was universally seen as negative through the colonies and was one of the many reasons why the Colonists felt they should be free. Another way in which Britain economically controlled the colonies were by imposing taxes, such as the Stamp and Sugar Act, which were see as unjust. The belief of “No taxation without representation” was unanimous throughout the colonies and led to much conflict. When America became independent through the Revolution, the Colonists made the decision for their country to have free trade and to only tax the citizens for the benefit or their own country. Not only did the American Revolution benefit the United States economically, it also had a large political impact. By writing and signing the Declaration of Independence, the Colonists created a new government in the name of “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” (The Declaration of Independence). This document separated the United States from the Parliament and allowed the Colonists to build a government in a way they saw fit. The American Revolution was critical to the development of the United States. Through this Revolution, America earned the economic and political freedom that the Colonists believed they deserved.

Following the victory of the Seven Years War, the Parliament of Britain was in need of money to compensate for the price of the war. One way that the parliament attempted to increase their income was by giving more taxes to the American...
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