French and Indian War

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The French and Indian War

Zina Kelati

U.S History
Mr. Merral
5 November 2012

The French and Indian war affected the relationship of the British and the American colonies in almost every way; politically and economically. The British attempted to direct the colonist by putting power into the colonies and forcing 10,000 British soldiers into American colonies.

How did the French and Indian war change the relationship between Britain and its colonies in America? The French were the enemy of the British for centuries. After the French and Indian war, the British were out of money and decided to pay off their war debt taxing their Americans. At the same time they had a democracy policy to the colonies. Industry was never allowed in the colonies of Britain. The colonies had felt like there rights were being trampled. The British insisted on direct taxation, the Americans refused to go along, leading on the revolution. Then the Americans turned to the French, who were still anti-British, for some assistance.

Two significant things in the French and Indian war:
* The British decided that after defending the colonies, it was time for them to start paying for it. They assessed taxes on the colonies without having American representatives. * The conflicts were a training ground for the colonial troops. Many of leaders and soldiers on the fields that day were experienced veterans from the French and Indian wars. While the British leaders were experienced, but most troops had never seen combat. French and Indian War:

The French and Indian war was a colonial extension of seven years that ravaged Europe from 1756-1763. It was their bloodiest American war in the 18th century. It took more lives than the revolution. The French and Indian war involved the British, New France also some people from the Caribbean. The war was a clash between the French and English over colonial territory and wealth. Tensions between the British and French in...
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