Define the Risk Assessment Scope & Risk Criteria

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2.1. Define the risk assessment scope & risk criteria

2.1.1. Objective

The purpose of this step is to develop the context for the risk assessment and to define risk criteria that will be used for evaluation of well integrity risks. The deliverables from this step are: risk assessment scope;

list of risk criteria.

2.1.2. Define risk assessment scope

The context and scope of this specialist risk assessment should be defined by the more general risk assessment step in Section 2.5 of [1]. The latter should assess risks to the capacity, injectivity and containment of candidate storage sites, where well integrity represents one type of risk to storage containment.

This step should involve:
defining the goals and objectives of the well integrity risk assessment; defining responsibilities for and within the risk assessment process; defining the specific inclusions and exclusions;
defining the risk assessment in terms of time and location; defining the relationship between the risk assessment process and the overall development of the CO2 geological storage project; defining the risk assessment methodologies;

identifying and specifying the decisions that have to be made prior to milestone M2;
2.1.3. Defining risk criteria

Risk criteria for evaluating the significance of well integrity risks need to be defined by the project developer. The risk criteria should reflect the objectives and context for the risk assessment. Adequate consideration should be given to the time and resources available, stakeholder views and risk perceptions, and the applicable legal and regulatory requirements. The risk criteria chosen should be continuously reviewed.

Prior to specifying risk criteria, the categories for which risks will be evaluated shall be defined. These include: human health and safety;
environmental protection;
legal and regulatory compliance;
project schedule;
well integrity (functional)...
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