Defamation Case of Prita Mulyasari

Topics: Ethics, Jakarta, 2008 Pages: 4 (1330 words) Published: November 18, 2011
Prita Mulyasari vs. Omni International Hospital
Defamation against freedom of expression in respect to Business Ethics & Law

Brief Summary
Prita Mulyasari, was patient suspected Dengue Fever in Omni International Hospital sued for Defamation Case due her openly distributed moaning and disappointments e-mail to relatives and friends in mailing list, and imposed kept in detention based on breaching Information and Electronic Transaction (ITE) Law

Chronology and Facts
It begun at around 8:30pm on Tuesday August 7, 2008 when Prita Mulyasari visited OMNI International Hospital Bintaro to check her condition that suffer of fever and headache and by medical check stated her thrombosis was 27,000 so critical that made her had to stay to be inpatient for further medication treatment. In the morning, Dr. Hengky Gosal, Sp.PD admitted there’s revision to lab test that Thrombosis is 181,000 instead of 27,000 as earlier stated without any medical record given to Prita. After few days under hospital treatment as Prita condition worsen and felt mistreated adding by insufficient information provided, she left the hospital to seek another hospital for 2nd opinion and found that she’s got mumps illness. By the fact, then Prita conveyed her complaints to OMNI International Hospital that handled by Dr. Grace as Customer Service Manager. As of Prita confession, the responds was inadequate and seems to be falsifying the data as her request for the 27,000 thrombosis report was never been given. In her moaning and disappointments to OMNI International Hospital services, Prita then wrote an e-mail sent to mailing list sharing her experiences while she was having the treatment, which then become trigger to a defamation sue by OMNI International Hospital. (Suara Pembaca Detik, Omni gained patient by falsifying lab result, Aug 30, 2008, approx 3 pages)

Head of the YPKKI, a Non Government Organization focusing on Health Services and Consumers, Marius Widjajarta said his...
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