Deductive and Inductive Approach

Topics: Scientific method, Quantitative research, Qualitative research Pages: 4 (1374 words) Published: February 9, 2012
1. I see many differences from a deductive approach to the research: the fact itself that this research is qualitative, often lead to implement the “opposite” approach, the inductive one. Evidence of this are various and enough clear: - to go there on the field is not really a prerogative of the deductive approach: instead, what usually happens is that many quantitative data are gathered, with strongly structured and often impersonal methods. So, what happens in the case we’re dealing with is clearly contrasting with what we expect: to get feelings and perceptions, researchers talk and listen to people, and, sometimes, they even participate to the context (meetings,…). Eventually, we could say that researchers effectively become part of the research itself - the already discussed lack of quantitative data is itself another evidence of the distance from an approach who’s mainly based on scientific principles, that is numbers, measures. Considerations starting from the tone of the voice, or the coherence of his/her speech cannot be regarded as quantitative. Also such a commitment to collect this kind of data, in terms of time and attention given to individuals, is again typical of the opposite approach - the generalizability issue is another clear evidence: the authors themselves declare “However, our intention was not to seek generalizability. Instead, we sought to embrace all the richness and complexity of a real organization(…)”. Such an intention is hardly compatible with the deductive approach, which really cares about rigor in controls, methodology, sampling and other factors which have the role to guarant the process of generalization, and try to eliminate uncertainty. It’s easy to sense how the coding included in this research (in particular the categorization of impressions) doesn’t really provide such a approach deeply grounded in theory, although experts were consulted - an extremely important part of the deductive approach, involves a deep...
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