Declaration of Independence

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  • Published : May 23, 2013
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The students of my third hour Pre-Ap English class wishes to abolish homework. We feel as if it is a waste of our valuable time. We spend eight hours a day in school doing nothing but learning, our time at home with our families should be our time. Homework constrains from family bonding time, we shouldn’t have to bring school work to our home lives. Our classes are long enough to get what we need done in a day. So this makes homework just a tyranny. Homework also makes students stay up later than they need to to finish the work assigned, so the next day at school it affects their learning because they are tired. How is it benefiting us, if it has all these flaws? People only look at the positives and just push aside the negatives, but in this situation the negatives outweigh the positives. We believe that homework is transient, people never really remember it after about a week, so how does it help? Families suffer for not being as close because students are busy doing homework most of the night. We believe that school is eight hours a day, and that is enough time to absorb all the knowledge we need to learn for that day. Home is for family time, school is for learning, there needs to be a boundary drawn. We believe that half of the students do not do their homework anyways, so is it a waste of time for the other half to actually do it. We believe that homework is pointless, and unnecessary. We have refused the teachers assent to homework, and we feel like it is for the best of the students in the class. We have refused to do some of the assignments so we have down time to ourselves. We have all came together and came to the conclusion that homework is an unnecessary stress put upon our shoulders. Our teacher has had no time to think about how much time homework actually takes, even though it has been brought to her attention. Our teacher has made us miss several families dinners by loading us with homework. Our teacher has put a huge stress upon our shoulders,...
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