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Topics: Polar bear, Bear, Arctic Pages: 2 (830 words) Published: January 18, 2013
Polar bears under the threat of extinction

Today I would like to speak about the polar bears that are gong under the treat of extinction. Polar bears known as the stalkers of the High Artic and also known scientifically as Ursus Matrimus are they worlds largest land carnivores. They rely on sea ice to survive which is why we find them in ice covered areas.

From an evolutionary standpoint polar bears are quite new. The first animals that man recognizes as bears started from the size of a dog that gradually grew much larger over the years. They mostly hunt seals. This is done by sitting quietly on the ice and waiting for the seals to surface at breathing holes.

Polar bears use two strategies to hunt seals: stalking and ambush. Seals are wary, so they usually haul out of the water near their breathing holes in the ice. If the bear sees or smells on the horizon, the bear stalks the seal and then breaks into charge. They hunt seals mainly during the spring until the ice breaks up. When it melts in early summer, the bears come ashore. For months there is almost nothing to eat, so they sleep and wander around. Their fasting is known as walking hibernation. They are called energy misers as a bear at rest is a smart bear, conserving energy as fat. Most females deliver twins or triplets. At birth the cubs weigh a bit more than a pound, with hair so fine that it is barely visible. Mothers nurse the cube with milk richer than that of any other bear. They keep their young with them for two and a half years, and from then on they are independent. Today between 25,000 and 40,000 polar bears roam in this world from most of them are considered as endangered. The climate predications coming out are showing massive changes in sea ice distribution and so there is a great risk for the poor bears that may go under extinction. We’ll certainly loose polar bears in a lot of areas where we currently have them. There are many reasons for this where Global Warming...
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