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Topics: Fur, Fur farming, Religion Pages: 3 (991 words) Published: December 27, 2011
I| This House Believes That newly democratized Arab nations should not allow religious parties to participate in election| | Proposition| Opposition|
| 1. Threat to national unity 2. Lead to communal politics 3. Promote religious quest for political dominance 4. the motive of democracy may not be followed because the religious parties might influence the people of their religion 5. this can also led to broadening of gaps between people of different religion 6. in competition between different religious parties the real purpose of democracy may not be served 7. the laws made by the government might favour the religion they support and thus deprive others of equal rights 8. Divides people: majority and minority 9. Religion, is not an element of citizenship in a democracy, hence not to be allowed.| 1. Ensuring the spirit of democracy 2. Voice of all religious group is heard at parliament 3. It ensures that the voice of every religion is heard. 4. religious parties have a strong history of opposition to the dictators-strong membership bases-leaders well known to community 5. religious parties are required to promote minority religious groups in the country 6. recognition of minority religions in the country through various religious groups 7. granting of equal rights to all persons of each religious group 8. coming up of various religious groups together who share the same interests 9. Indirectly telling the religious parties not to be secular 10. The word democracy means only that the people rule. 11. the values and attitudes of religion strengthen the democratization process 12. Religion is sensitive to the needs of the poor and weak, has respect for order and sense of justice. 13. Religion has share of “common values” which will be useful in running the country| | | |

II| This House Believes That developing nations should place limits on migration from the countryside to the cities| | Proposition...
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