Why Civilization Is Important

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  • Published : November 13, 2008
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These three unique, defining characteristics of Western Civilization (rationality, tensions between religious and socio-political realities, constitutionalism) encompass other related features: 1.growth of rational inquiry

oClassical Legacy of study, education and presentation in the areas of philosophy, history, literature, communication skills, poetry, sciences like biology, astronomy, medicine, geometry, mathematics, music, politics, logic, grammar, Just War Theory, othe continuing desire to inquire and to question: critical thinking Pluralism (social, economic, political and intellectual) Liberalism (a growing and changing concept)

Tolerance and Discernment rationally concerning non-tolerance oethics and/or morality not directly tied to religion, tradition or authority oexploration of the relationship between human and divine, faith and reason oindividualism (which has drawn sustenance from all three of these W Civ characteristics yet has had, and still has, an uneven existence) ofreedom within higher education

otechnology improving the material standard of living across the social spectrum ohuman realism in art, along with innumerable explorations into various (and often opposed) genres of art, music, architecture, sculpture oexplicit study and use of both deductive and inductive reasoning othe Greek alphabet and/or Greek language

oconcepts of progress and/or regress in all these themes and in terms of change itself 2.tension between Judaeo-Christian religious ideals and social-political realities oNathan vs David
oJesus, on giving to Caesar what is Caesar and to God what is God's oBishop Ambrose vs Emperor Theodosius
oInvestiture Conflict through to the U.S. First Amendment
oLinked with #1, rational: exploration of the relationship between human and divine, faith and reason oSeparation of religious and secular life in government
oReligion and secular government as checks-and-balances on each other o...
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