Debate on Male vs. Female

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Human sexuality, Human sexual behavior Pages: 3 (943 words) Published: October 13, 2011
My Debate on Sex

In my opinion the biggest social issue we face is prostitution. I believe it should be legal. If an adult woman wants to sell her services of sexual acts, she should be allowed to do so. Women sell their bodies for movies and advertisements. Women sell their eggs to help other women produce babies. Some women rent out their wombs for other women. These acts are legal; there is no reason why a woman should not be able to make a business out of selling sex acts. The business should be taxed and regulated like any other business. The woman should have to follow the rules for safe sex and she should be able to refuse service at any time.

I do not believe as the Swede’s do that prostitutions makes sex violent. Sex is simply an act of human nature that some people need more of. Rape is an act of violence, prostitution is consensual. I do not believe the women are being exploited if they choose to prostitute themselves. They are only exploited when they have to work for someone else that is “protecting them” from getting caught. They should be sole proprietors of their business and pimps should be out of the picture. They women could pay taxes and everyone would be happy, except the wives of some of the buyers.

I feel the social problems involving sexuality are getting better. As a society we are more accepting of homosexuality. People are finally realizing it is not a choice. I believe within the next 50 years sexual orientation will not be an issue. I believe we need to work harder at accepting people for who they are, but I believe great strides are being made.

I believe social problems involving pornography are getting worse. We are blurring the lines by allowing pornography to exist as a business. Sex is supposed to be a private consensual act between two adults. I know many people speak of ménage au trois and group sex, but in reality it is a rarity. The porn industry is fantasy and lies and it hurts people, especially children. It...
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