Death with Dignity

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  • Published : April 16, 2013
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Death with Dignity
Should a person have the choice of when they die if they are suffering from terminal disease? Most physicians and politicians would say, “No”; and most of Christianity agrees. Christianity teaches that euthanasia follows the same definition as abortion- it is murder. However, each individual’s opinion on this matter differs. One person may say it is wrong while the next would say it is morally acceptable. There are always two sides to every debate including this one. “An individual’s right to choose the time and circumstance of his or her death and/or to seek assistance in facilitating death should be guaranteed and protected by law” ( (Issitt and Newton). The choice of a terminally ill patient to end their life is only legally protected in three states here in the United States: Oregon, Washington and Montana. There are several other countries that allow for “physician-assisted suicide” and in most cases without the restriction of residency- Zurich, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. These countries only offer this assistance to people who are terminally ill and of sound mind. What is assisted suicide (also known as euthanasia)? According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, assisted suicide is defined as “suicide committed by someone with assistance from another person.” There are many terms for the choice to end the life of a person whose disease has no cure and wishes to bypass the long and painful process of death. “The variations include assisted suicide; physician-assisted suicide; euthanasia by action; euthanasia by omission; passive euthanasia; active euthanasia; voluntary euthanasia; involuntary euthanasia; voluntary passive euthanasia; involuntary passive euthanasia; voluntary active euthanasia; and involuntary

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active euthanasia” (Falconer). Those who wish to use more genteel terms might use words such as “‘the right to die,’ ‘dying with dignity,’ and ‘end-of-life...
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