Death Penalty Argument Essay

Topics: Death Penalty, Electric chair, Crime Pages: 2 (686 words) Published: May 9, 2013
The Death Penalty

A society operates around communities of people who work together and do their part to form a functional place to live. Many people benefit from others throughout society without even knowing it. Society functions and benefits from people doing their part to keep our community safe and people benefit from society as well, but there is an exception. Criminals who have committed a crime that has placed them in prison for the rest of their life, without the possibility of parole, will never positively benefit society again, and this is why I feel so strongly about the death penalty being enforced more. Criminals who spend the rest of their lives behind bars, without the possibility of parole, will never again positively benefit our society. They will only negatively affect society by using tax payers’ money to make sure they are provided with a comfortable living, which is undeserved, for the rest of their lives. I just don’t understand why our tax money is wasted on people who have committed a crime so badly that it completely removes them from society for the rest of their lives. I believe that criminals given life in prison, without the possibility of parole, should be sentenced to death because they should truly be punished for their crime. I believe the death penalty should be enforced much more than it is. Criminals need to be scared of the consequences of their crimes. I believe that if the death penalty was enforced more, serious crimes and murder would decrease. Life in prison isn’t all that scary when you think about it. Criminals who commit very serious crimes, and are in prison for life, still get a bed to sleep in every night, they are given three meals a day, they get free time and time allowed for recreation, and some even get educations, and I feel that is not correct punishment for those people who have committed crimes serious enough to get them life in prison. Even though I believe the death penalty should be enforced more,...
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