Death's Marathon Shot0By-Shot Analysis

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Shot-by-shot Analysis of
"Death's Marathon" dir. D.W. Griffith. (1913)

Shot 1(straight-on angle):
White text on black background written, " To find his friend before he losses all" (2 seconds). Cut to

Shot 2 (medium long shot, slightly low angle):
Front of house, with stairs slightly to the right of shot and potted plant on either side of stairs. Friend (man) enters from right and walks up stairs (2 seconds). Cut to

Shot 3 (medium shot, straight-on angle):
Interior of living room where foreground is pretty vacant but background has a study and a desk with a vase with flowers in it. There are three ladies standing: Two nurses on either side of the wife. wife asks maid on left something (1 second) then turns back towards camera (1 second) to ask maid on right also (2 second). Turns back to face camera (2 seconds). Then knock on door (presumably by friend) startles maids and wife and the maid on the left exits shot (3 seconds). Re-enter maid and friend from the left. Friend asks about husband with sharp hand movements (2 seconds). Cut to.

Shot 4 (medium long shot, slightly high angle):
interior of room with gambling table 3/4 shown on the bottom left corner of shot (foreground) and five men sitting around it gambling and doorman standing in background (2 seconds). Doorman turns to open door (1 second). Cut to

Shot 5 (medium close-up, high angle):
Gambling table with chips and cards on table, and one player's hands (player to the left of husband) holding cards, places them down and takes all the chips in the centre of table(3 seconds). Cut to

Shot 6 (same as shot 4)
(setting same as shot 4) and the man to the left of the husband swipes table and brings all his winnings to him and begin to stack up chips (2 seconds) then husband harshly throws two cards on the table, one at a time (2 seconds). Cut to.

Shot 7 (medium long shot, straight-on angle)
friend on the left of shot, speaking with wife, on the right of shot turned towards each other with their forearms elevated in foreground of shot. Two maids standing in the background (2 seconds). Then friend and maid standing on left exit shot to the left (1 second) and maid on the right exits to the right of shot, leaving wife to stand alone in the centre of shot (2 seconds). Cut to. Shot 8 (long shot, slightly low angle):

(setting like shot 2) friend walks down stair and out of house (2 seconds) Shot 9 (same as shot 4)
(setting same as shot - but without doorman) Player to the right of husband and husband place chips into the centre of table respectively (3 seconds). They both fold cards and player to the right of husband swipes all the chips in the centre of table towards him and laughs (5 seconds). Husband bangs fists on table and gets up and exits door in background while man sitting on the right of shot gets up to congratulate man on who won (5 seconds). Cut to. Shot 10 (long shot, straight-on angle):

shot of exterior of house with big pillars and stairs on left of screen. Husband walks down two steps, pauses, then continues walking and exits out from the right (5 seconds): Shot 11 (medium long shot, straight-on angle)

interior of room (like shot 3). Wife has back to camera and walks towards the background with worried expression (right hand clasped on face) and then turns to the left of shot (8 seconds). Cut to.

Shot 12 (long shot, straight-on angle):
exterior of house (like shot 10) car drives through and parks in front of stairs on the right of shot with friend in the car. Friend gets off, converses with driver then walks into the house (4 seconds). Cut to.

Shot 13 (medium long shot, slightly high angle)
interior of house (like shot 9). Friend barges into room, and walks over to gambling table where game is going on. Presumably asks players and spectators where husband is, they reply and friends leaves the room (7 seconds). Cut to.

Shot 14 (long shot, straight-on angle)
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