Dealer Training Program

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1. Indian companies, which used to focus mainly on sales training programs for their own sales force, are now extending these initiatives to their business partners. What are the major reasons behind the increasing prominence of such initiatives among Indian companies? Also throw light on the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing the training activities to third parties.  Ans: The reason for extending sales training program initiatives to business partners is due the fact that consumers perceive dealers as a part of the company itself. They don’t see dealer as an individual, but he/she is a representative of the company for the consumer. So whatever image is projected by the dealer impacts the overall perception of the consumer about the company.

Also, dealers are in direct contact with the consumers so they are the ones who can push sales. They have better penetration in the market. So if their selling skills are improved and they are given a better knowledge about the product and the company then they will feel more connected and dedicated towards it. Advantages of outsourcing training activities:

Subject Matter Expertise
Hiring outsourced training consultants or sending staff to training institutions can expose employees to great thinkers and innovators. New perspectives can fuel creative thinking and solutions to problems that haven’t been solved using tried and true methods. Concentrated Learning, Less Distractions

If the training is offered offsite, this can allow staff to focus on learning and not be distracted by demands of the office. Up-to-date Information
Often, outsourced trainers are more up-to-date with changes in technology than in-house trainers. However, some outsourced trainers are not familiar with certain industry advances so it is wise to pick someone who is knowledgeable about your industry. Networking

The opportunity to network and discuss issues with likeminded people can be one of the biggest advantages to outsourced...
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