Deadly Unna: Racism Essay

Topics: Racism, Indigenous Australians, Discrimination Pages: 2 (466 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Deadly Unna and Racial prejudice.
‘Deadly Unna?’ tells a story about a teenage boy named Gary Black (also known as Blacky), who develops knowledge about racial prejudice in his town. He develops this awareness because of an aboriginal boy, Dumby Red and his sister Clarence. The novel shows us what actions he takes to deal with his feelings about this racism such as; attending Dumby Reds funeral even though he knew people didn’t approve, sticking up for his beliefs with the aboriginals and he also cleaned the graffiti (BOONGS PISS OFF) off the shed at the jetty.

Gary’s town is small and his community has lots of views and values about the aboriginal population. They are very critical and cruel when it comes to racism. The only relation the town has with the aboriginals of the Point is football, though the racial prejudice is still obvious. The town and the aborigines have a combined football team, as alone the people of the Port do not have enough players to make up a full team. When the new group of aboriginals start to play footy, Blacky meets Dumby Red. Dumby is a great footballer, good at everything in fact, but Blacky pretends he doesn’t like him, mainly because Dumby is better than him at football. The fact that Dumby is an aboriginal it is hard for Blacky to comprehend this. He becomes very envious of Dumby Red.

When Dumby stands up for Blacky against Mad Dog you can tell that he’s proud of being friends with Dumby. When it came to the award ceremony Blacky was traumatized to hear that the McRae medal had been won by Mark Arks, Blacky couldn’t grope the fact that his town could go this far and yet be so racist. Blacky then became really angry, remembering how Dumby had contributed so much to the team all season. He’d been a true team player and everyone could see that he was the most valuable player (MVP), but no one would admit it. Later on in the book Blacky stands up for himself, and his beliefs against his father, which was something he’d never...
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