Dcs Tfacts Computer System Issues

Topics: Foster care, Child abuse, Child protection Pages: 3 (859 words) Published: April 10, 2013

DCS TFACTS Computer System Issues
(Department of Childcare Services)

Background of Information System
In the State of Tennessee, their Department of Childcare Services has instituted a computer system known as TFACTS or the Tennessee Family and Child Tracking System. The TFACTS system is intended to hold the official case record of each child and family in the DCS system and was created as part of an overhaul in the way the agency tracked its clients. TFACTS is a web-based application that provides DCS Staff and Private Providers the ability to access information wherever they can connect to the Internet. TFACTS supports DCS’ family-centered practice and provides users with a complete picture of the services provided to families and children. TFACTS is Tennessee’s SACWIS, or State Automated Child Welfare Information System. SACWIS is a federal program that provides participating State’s with funding to develop information systems to support family preservation, foster care and adoption case management. Statement of the Issue

The TFACTS system was installed two years ago by the State of Tennessee’s DCS. The computer systems design costs approximately $27 million but has been blamed for an enormous amount of defects and issues when it comes to dealing with welfare cases and foster care payments issuing. The issues at hand with the TFACTS computer system are being placed directly in the path of violating a 12 year old case known as “Brian A.” that was filed against the state. The federal case known as "Brian A." was put into place to monitor DCS after egregious problems came to light in the state's foster care system, including keeping young children in emergency shelters for months at a time. The computer system itself has been blamed for a variety of problems that include skipped payments to foster parents and the inability to find a particular child's history when a brand-new report of abuse or neglect is received. There are approximately 1700 defects...
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