Dbq on Mongol Dominance

Topics: Mongol Empire, Genghis Khan, Mongols Pages: 2 (468 words) Published: February 8, 2013
DBQ Chapter 12
The role of Mongol dominance in the integration of Eurasia was an important role because of inventions, their ideas, and the politics. The inventions of the Mogols helped to turn them into a huge melting pot. In document 4 we learned of their invention of the passport. This allowed people to move to travel around the empire easier with less hassle. While they moved they carried their ideas and told other about them which cause that to spread causing many diverse ideas among the people causing major diversity and diaspora of ideas. The passport was later adopted by the Europeans. In document 6 we learned about their use of moveable type. They used it to write things easily and more efficiently. They could use it to spread their ideas along to other empires and so on. The ideas of the Mongols helped them with integration too. In document 1 with the excerpt from Genghis Khan was that people should have their rights and freedoms of their own religion and none be forced upon them. So religion and cultural aspects could mix and their society would flourish. I believe he said this because he saw other civilizations fall because of internal rebellion against people trying to force people into doing something they didn’t want to do. With his system though it allowed everyone to be happy about having their religious beliefs .Also when people talked about their religion with others then that cause new religions to be made with the combining of the talked about religion . In document 5 that Mongols had ideas of knowledge and were very educated in astronomy and engineering. They were not just brutes that tore down stuff in there path and took over places just to lead them carelessly, they were the exact opposite. They were intelligent and continued to learn and become a much more sophisticated society over time. It apparently worked because in Document 3 it showed the empires that the Mongols were able to take control of because of their ideas on how...
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