Mongol and Chinese Comparison Essay

Topics: Mongol Empire, Central Asia, Genghis Khan Pages: 2 (501 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Trace Hunter
Period 5

The Mongols were fearsome and savage fighters, but had smart and loyal political leaders that gave their small population power. Some of the smartest and loyal leaders were in Persia and china both being at the top of political structures. However the Mongols in china had different beliefs of trusting the natives to have power in politics than the Mongols in Persia did. The political structures in both china and Persia promoted strong merchant trade helping the economy, which made them wealthy strong territories. The main difference in Persian politics and Chinese was that Persians were able to be lower political figures as long as they complied with the Mongols. While in China no natives could be in the political system, instead they had foreign personal brought in. At one point Marco Polo was brought in as an administrator during the reign of Khubilai khan. In China the Mongols tore down the whole Chinese political structure and rebuilt it. However In Persia the Mongols just inserted themselves at the top of political structures. The Mongols in china took over the complete power of the political structure because they wanted full control, and to not allow the Chinese to have any control. While in Persia the Mongols did not care as long as they got the taxes. The lower half of the systems where different but the Mongols always ruled the top half. When the Mongols moved into china and Persia they immediately took over the political structures at the top. The smartest and most loyal Mongols took the highest position in political structures. The political structure of both was a dominating force squashing rebellions when necessary. Also In both Native Mongols always were the strongest political figures. They both took control of the political structures because it let them be in control and know what’s happening around the empire. Both Mongols in Persia and china at the top of political structures strongly...
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