Daycare Business Plan

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Daycare Business Plan

By | May 2013
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This a a vision from Mario Mancebo, the director for the senior

daycare center. He feels that the senior daycare center, furthermore

referred to as The Center, is a vital resource not only for the

community, but to seniors in general. Most seniors are confined all

day to the same building and same routine. This will get them out

of that routine and break up their day. It will allow them to

socialize with their peer group and interact with and make new

friends in the process. This will make it an exciting part

of their week. Activities will range from music, arts and crafts,

baking and dancing activities as well. These are just some of

what will be offered. On top of that, a vital part of a seniors life is

making sure that their medical issues are monitored or checkups

provided. This will be offered from day one with qualified

medical personnel attending every day.

Overall I fell that this resource be made available to our seniors.

We will make sure that they are not only available, but available

in a very pleasant setting with comfortable arrangements all

around them.


The company is structured for beginning of life and approaching

end of life services and daycare. We cater to the young as a

daycare facility and after school programs for children. Working

parents have a resource for subsidized child care from 6 months

old and older. We provide all day care for these children. They are

feed breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner if needed. We also have

book reading and several play activities along with nap periods

according to age.

After school, we provide activities for these children as well. These

activities include computer learning and games, homework time

with assistance from staff members to...

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