Day School Is Better Than Boarding School

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  • Published: August 2, 2012
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Many parents confused whether to send their children to boarding school or sending them to day school. Some parents bewildered which one is better for their children. Nowadays, both parents thought that boarding school is better than day schools. But, as a student, for me I do not agree with the statement which been said that boarding school is better than day schools. As we know, in boarding school, children just learnt to leave alone without their parents. This will leave a psychological impact on the students because one only thinks of families and their home surrounding. Some of children may get depression and it maybe disturbs their performance in study. It only worsens up the situation. Hence, I’m certainly do not agree with the statement that say boarding school is better than day schools.

In day school, parents could spend enough time with their children. For example, the parents can be able to monitor the progress of their children in term of both academics and extracurricular activities. This is the way for parents to show that they care for their children. While in boarding school, it can turn up the relationship between parents and their kid become awkward in long term. This is possible because they don’t have time to spend together with their family like others family does. As we know, in boarding school, they can only go back to their home once in two weeks and boarders schedule are really pack with activities. Furthermore, day school students normally have a strong bond with their families compared to boarding school students. Day schools students always grow up in an upright way and very responsible because their parents or guardians involve them in responsible activities. As we can see, some students lack good manners because they live without parents who would correct them in case they make any mistakes. These show that, when parents devote more time for their children, it leads to a healthier relationship that is mutually beneficial. This result is one of my reason why I do not agree that boarding schools is better then day schools.

Moreover in day schools, parents can control their children from involve into unhealthy activities such as smoking. For example, if their children stress and have a problem or conflict at school, they can seek advice from their parents directly. Of course all parents will gives good advices compare to their peers. This will prevent them from being influenced with their friends that might bring bad influence to them. We always heard that boarding school will teach children to be independent or children will learn to be discipline by those parents who really assured that their kid will become exactly like what they wish to. I believe this because the disadvantage of boarding school is not obvious. For me, discipline also can be learning in day school. Parents usually didn’t realize that their children might fall into unhealthy and harmful activities such as smoking or even drugs. Boarding school is really organized and has strict rule and regulation. This causes them to rebellion. Nowadays, most of children especially children know exactly what they want. If they forced to follow the rules and regulations, they will become stress and as a result, the will ask an advice from their peers that might be wrong. Without their parents’ knowledge, students may involve in unhealthy activities. Thus, I really don’t agree if boarding school is better than day school.

Besides that, it is possible to gain an unpleasant experience at boarding school. Nowadays, we often heard from the news about bullying and ragging especially from boarding school. This will cause depression to students because they feel alone and they will feel no protection from their parents. This might be never come across in some parents mind. This is because, they thought that their children will be monitored frequently by wardens. Parents should know the warden not monitored only one student, but hundreds of...
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