Day Dreaming

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  • Published : October 8, 2012
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Day dreaming.
A fact that has been known recently is that humans spend up to thirty three pe cent of their waking hours daydreaming.Day dreaming is a part of the human mental progress . Most people look at day dreaming as a negative thing but it has got its positveness too.Firstly, daydreaming helps you relax .Like meditation daydreaming allows your mind to take a break to release tension and be refreshed.It’s also very useful or controlling anxiety and phobias.Studies also show that you’ll be able to handle situations in a better way.It is also usefl for personal conflicts.Some psychotherapists call it “rewinding the tape” for example reviewing an argument in your mind and going back and imagining you responded differently .I you try this exercise a few times you will realize taht each time you respond differently and begin to figure out better ways of dealing with the person you had the argument with in the future. It also helps people to maintain relationships .Absence makes teh heart grow fonder especially between daydreamers.Happy couples tend to think about their loved one when they’re apart which has he effect of psycolgically maintaining the relationship.Boosting productivity is another factor of daydreaming .Studies also suggest that when a person allws himself a few minutes to daydream it may put you in a much better mood allowing you then to continue your work in a better way and obviously faster.Daydreaming about someting positive that you have to do after your work clears your mind and gives you the urge to get things done ! Maybe a factor that most people associate daydreaming with is relieving boredom.In my opinion this is why most people daydream a lot.People with monotonous jobs , like factory workers and security guards often use daydreaming to keep their minds stimulated and get them through the day.Students also use day dreaming as a way of escaping from all the stress that school bring along with it .Cementing beliefs and values are other...
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