David Cameron

Topics: Elections, Liberal Democrats, Democracy Pages: 4 (1275 words) Published: April 11, 2013
The referendum on a new electoral system for Britain
Firstly, I would like to introduce the referendum in order to provide an overview of what the subject is about. Furthermore, I will analyze the reasons for the outcome. Lastly, I will discuss the implications for Britain’s political life. The majority of Britons have ruled against a reform of the electoral system after the referendum, which was held on May 5th 2011. More than three thirds of the voters (67,9 %) expressed their wish to keep the current electoral system. In this referendum, the Britons had to answer the question of whether they desired to change the traditional system, which gives the seat to the candidate with most votes in each constituency even though he or she has failed to obtain the majority, or introduce the so-called alternative vote (AV), which is a method of proportional representation. Many argue that the current electoral system of Britain, which is based on the plurality principle (FTPT), is unfair, as winners take it all, and votes for defeated candidates are simply wasted and do not count anymore. The electoral reform was one of the central objectives of the Liberal Democrats, led by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg. The referendum gave the victory to David Cameron: the British prime minister who has launched the most savage cut programs in the country since the Second World War. The defeated is, above all, the Liberal Democrats’ leader who has seen his party being swept away by the polls and witnessed how their hope of an electoral reform was disappearing. The reasons for the outcome can be difficult to understand, and therefore it is essential to analyze the two big parties in Britain. One of the effects of FPTP (First-past-the-vote) is the two-party dominance, which added to the opposition of the Tories and the undecided position of the Labour concerning the electoral reform have definitely influenced the political environment. If Britain introduces the new electoral system,...
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