David Attenborough

Topics: David Attenborough, Ecology, BBC Natural History Unit Pages: 2 (685 words) Published: June 12, 2008
David Attenborough commonly known as Sir David Attenborough is one of Britain’s best and most loves Natural History Filmmaker. Along with this in his fifty-year career he has also been a broadcaster, producer, author and conservationist. To further enhance this long list of achievements David Attenborough is a Patron of the charity of the World Land Trust.

David Attenborough and wildlife conservation

Attenborough’s links to the World Land Trust go back quite a fare way and first began when he was working with the charity’s CEO John Burton. Together they were planning on protecting the severely endangered Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda. Throughout the fifty year long career of Sir David Attenborough’s he has been very active in the conservation of the luscious world, determined as ever to protect the wildlife and our natural world. Recently during an interview with BBC David Attenborough clearly asked the simple questions which many people dread answering, “Are we happy to know that our grandchildren may never be able to see an elephant except for in a book?” He then went on to say that most people would want their grandchildren to be able to see elephants therefore it is essential that we should do something about the conservation of wildlife and that we should not be responsible for their disappearance. David Attenborough clearly believes that the fate of the thousands of creatures in our world lies in the hands of none other then us ourselves, we have the power to protect them or else watch them become extinct. Due to this David Attenborough is prepared to work day and night in order to ensure that when our grandchildren grow up they will be able to see wildlife not just in books but also in real.

Sir David has been involved for many years with conservation activities, thus he has produced many television documentaries which has inspired one whole generation of environmentalists to do something now in order to protect the environment. Attenborough quotes,...
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