Hidden Lessons

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  • Published : June 10, 2012
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Hidden Lessons
David Suzuki is the world renowned scientists and visionary. He has won many awards throughout his life time and still continues to right stories about his life. David Suzuki has written numerous amounts of books in order to educate the larger public about the dangers of and promises of science. He has written an article named Hidden Lessons describing his thesis of how for convenience & cleanliness, adults subconsciously teach and demonstrate to the younger generation to hate and detest Nature which in turn causes them to disregard their place in the ecosystem and become oblivious to Nature's impact on their lives as they grow up to destroying it.

Thorough the story, David Suzuki constantly stated about how humans have relied on nature from the beginning of time and yet humans decide to treat nature as something ban and even using foul language suck as “icky”. If you take a moment to ponder it for a second, you will notice that there was never a time in life where we humans didn’t depend on nature. Even now, we use oil for gas and some of us eat bugs. Without nature, the human race would have died out long ago.

A main reason of why humans intend to treat nature so harshly may be caused by the “urban teachings” as David Suzuki calls it, that have been passed throughout countless generations of people from parent to child. Only a select few have not been affected by the urban teachings. David Suzuki states that at young, when a baby first discovers an insect, its first reaction is often curiosity but later in life, the hate of nature is beaten into them causing them to despise nature and all the creatures that come with it. "I cannot overemphasize the tragedy of that attitude. For, inherent in this view is the assumption that human beings are special and different and that we lie outside nature. Yet it is this belief that is creating many of our environmental problems today."In fact, many businesses are feeding off that hatred and...
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