Daniele Mariani

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Europass Curriculum Vitae

Personal information
First name(s) / Surname(s)
Address(es) Telephone(s) E-mail Nationality Date of birth

Via Augusto Sindici, 5 – 00155 Roma +39 062288549 daniele-mariani@hotmail.it Italian 20 SETTEMBRE 1985 Mobile: +39 3426467377

Work experience
Dates Occupation or position held Name and address of employer Type of business or sector 2005 leaflets Gruppo Interclub – Via Plinio 44 - ROMA SRL

Education and training
Dates Title of qualification awarded Principal subjects/occupational skills covered December 2009 – February 26, 2013 Degree in Electronic Engineering (Vote 99/110) Course of study lasting two years, with in-depth professional training in specific fields Electronics Engineering with specialization in Optoelectronics, with main subjects Electronics for Photovoltaics, Optoelectronics, Nano-electronics, Organic Organic Electronics, Electronic high-frequency electronics space , electronic devices and sensors Title of the thesis (field of nanoelectronics): "Electron-phonon interaction in nanoelectronic devices" Supervisor: prof. Alessandro Pecchia Should you wish to check my references, please contact the following people Prof.Alessandro Pecchia – University of Rome Tor Vergata Email: pecchia@ing.uniroma2.it University of Rome Tor Vergata - Course in Electronic Engineering Degree Level 2

Name and type of organisation providing education and training Level in national or international classification Dates Title of qualification awarded

October 2004 – November 26, 2009 Degree in Electronic Engineering (Vote 89/110)

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Principal subjects/occupational skills covered

Three year course in Electronic Engineering. Thesis title: "Verification and validation of a control system of railway vehicles nosing" Supervisor: prof. Giuseppe Fazio....
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