Dangerous Driving Habits

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Many of today drivers have dangerous driving habits that cause many accidents. We all know people in our family or friends that we hate to get in the car with because of there reckless driving. We see dangerous habits on the highway, city streets, even on gravel roads when they think no one is watching. Many survive but so many don’t make threw someone’s careless driving. Dangerous drivers cause many accidents that take a love ones life and destroy families everyday. There are many different types of dangerous drivers. Young drivers that think they know it all but lack the experience in driving in various weather conditions, driving at night, or along the interstate. People that drive under the influence is a big one , we hear about kids being killed by a drunk drivers all the time. People that drive to fast or putting on makeup while driving or eating and driving. There are just so much that people do while driving that endanger people around them and you might not even realize it until its to late.

The biggest dangerous driving habit we see is talking and texting while driving. It takes your concentration off the road and in your conversation. When you are texting and driving your eyes are back and forth off the wheel.

Technology has not only caused a lot of accidents but took away many lives from families all over the world. Of course there many dangerous driving habits but cell phones are the one of the main one we here about. They’re solutions for preventing the use of cell phones while driving, which are the hands-free device. It still doesn’t help with texting and your concentration is not fully on the road. So, what I am trying to say is be safe and abide by the law. Don’t text and talk while driving, can save a life everyday.
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